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SNMP MIB Data Miner Software as a Service

Free SNMP Data Miner 3 months version is available for selected customers.

SNMP MIB Data Miner is a unique analytical tool that incorporates functionality of MIB browsers and manager applications providing network managers with a secure, fast, simple, convenient and comprehensive tools to analyze SNMP MIB information from a single or multiple networks.

SNMP MIB Compiler Class Libraries for Visual Studio .NET Native (Unmanaged) C++ and Visual Studio .NET C#, VB and Other Managed Languages

We strongly believe that two separate specifically designed libraries: one for unmanaged C++ and another for C#, VB and other managed .Net languages is a better choice for developers than one size fit all tools.

SNMP MIB Compiler class libraries are designed to enable user applications to compile SNMP MIB files at run time, save the MIB attributes information to a disk, load from disk and access the MIB attributes: object identifiers, names, types, table indices, columns, notification variables from a user application.

The SNMP MIB Compiler library is an excellent companion to our Secure SNMP Builders, however, it can be used as well with other SNMP software without any limitations.

Two separate products are provided for Visual Studio C#/VB and unmanaged C++ application development to achieve the maximum flexibility and robustness of the development platform of your choice.

Versatile synchronous and asynchronous interfaces with intuitive and easy to use class library, extensive elaborate documentation and examples make development easy and convenient.

Secure Reliable Peer-to-peer Message (SRPM) Native C++ Class Library

Secure Reliable Peer-to-peer Message (SRPM) C++ class library provides easy to use flexible interface, reliable transport to deliver very long encrypted messages between two peers.

Secure SNMP Builder Class Libraries

To take the maximum advantage of the language of your choice and simplify the development efforts we designed two separated products: a library for unmanaged C++ and a library for C#, VB and other managed .Net languages.

Secure SNMP Builder (SSB) is a versatile and flexible development software supporting SNMP v3 and is backward compatible with SNMP v2c and v1.

The SNMP class library not only provides full control over low level SNMP message processing but also includes a unique high level functionality for robust concurrent table retrieval and MIB tree walks.

Specifically designed for huge network polling and parallel operations SSB comes with a very simple yet versatile programming interface. Secure SNMP Builder is designed for convenience of software development ranging from Windows services, to console and graphic user interface applications. SSB includes MIB compiler and is SNMP v3 standards compliant.

SNMP v3 privacy protocols supported: DES, AES-128, triple DES, AES-192, AES-256.

Windows SNMP v3 Agent Replacement

SNMP Agent Defender seamlessly replaces Microsoft Windows SNMP Agent Service adding SNMP v3 compatibility along with advanced threat protection features making your network safe, secure and SNMP standard compliant.

Organization wide unlimited user licenses eliminate the headache of maintenance and product ordering and saves money for your organization.

SNMP Development and Testing Software

All the SNMP tools are designed to build multi-threaded applications in the Windows operating systems. Our SNMP software is built from the ground up using the most efficient and robust features of the multi threaded operating system. LogiSoft's SNMP software does not rely on any Microsoft or third party SNMP API's or services. These SNMP tools are designed to enable the maximum flexibility of the software architecture. One can create applications that range from agents (command responders) to manager applications (command generators).

The programming interfaces are modeled very closely to the SNMP requests for comments (RFC's). This approach significantly reduces the learning curve and makes these tools intuitive and easy to understand, use and maintain.

SNMP Tools

The MIB compiler included in the SNMP Builders makes the MIB compilation process quick and convenient allowing the generation of source code with MIB definitions. This enables C++ and Visual Basic programs to refer to SNMP objects by symbolic names and make table retrievals and SNMP tree walks a single function call.

SNMP Debugging and SNMP Testing

SNMP utilities are also a very powerful investigative tool, allowing the quick learning of SNMP operations. These utilities can send, receive and forward SNMP messages. The SNMP messages are analyzed and displayed on the field level.

snmp utility for snmp testing and snmp debugging

The SNMP Send/Receive utility enables building of SNMP requests and notifications, using a built-in graphic SNMP message configuration interface. It allows testing of concepts before writing the code in C++ or .Net languages, thus saving a lot of development time.

Comparing to the MIB browsers the utilities provide a much better facility for the software testing because they give a full control over all message fields of a message being sent, such as: header fields, number of variables, order of variables. The Send/Receive utility enables building of unusual requests that are impossible to generate with MIB browsers: Get-Requests with variables not in a MIB, requests with zero variables, et cetera. These features are very valuable to make software robust.

Convenient and intuitive user interface makes creating SNMP messages quick and easy. The well thought out message display will save time on understanding and correcting problems with SNMP applications.

snmp utility saves time on prototyping and speeds up snmp development process

snmp MIB database can be used to simplify SNMP message construction

All SNMP tools support SNMP v3, SNMPv2c and are backward compatible with the SNMPv1. The advanced encryption protocols include triple DES, AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256

All SNMP development tools allow the distribution of custom applications royalty free. The development licensing fees include large discounts for additional development licenses. Enterprise and site licenses are also available.

Evaluation copies of the Secure SNMP builders are available.


RexxBOS, OS/2 Rexx library providing complete system interface.

The RexxBOS library gives Rexx programs complete access to the OS/2 control program, keyboard, mouse, and display devices previously available only to programs written in C, Pascal or Assembler. RexxBOS CGI functions make web server script development easier and faster. This library can be called from the OS/2 system interpreter Rexx, and can empower the Visual Rexx products from Watcom, Hockware or IBM.

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