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SNMP v3, v2c, v1 .NET Class Library for Managed VB, C# and MIB Compiler

The new Secure SNMP Builder (SSB) v4.3 for Microsoft .NET managed languages is SNMP v3 standard compliant and is compatible with SNMP v1 and v2c.

In addition to standard SNMPv3 DES-56 and later AES-128 encryptions it also includes tripple DES, AES-192 and AES-256 encryptions supported by many advanced network devices.

SSB includes:
  • MIB Compiler
  • SNMP .NET class library component supporting SNMP v3, v2c and v1 and .NET managed languages VB, C# etc.
  • Guide and Reference Manual
  • Examples

For Visual Studio unmanaged C++ use

Secure SNMP Builder for C++

MIB Compiler

The MIB Compiler with a friendly and flexible graphic user interface allows the quick and easy accomplishment of the MIB compilation process. A programmer can determine the correct order of MIBs to compile in a matter of seconds using powerful built-in error processing and file search facilities. The final step of the MIB compilation process is generation of C++ header files with MIB object definitions.

The MIB Compiler enables SNMP object references to use symbolic names. This makes programming easier and simplifies the software maintenance and modification process.

New, efficient, simple to use and versatile methods have been added to make software development even easier and more pleasant.

Multiple asynchronous table retrieval and MIB tree walk processes can run concurrently dramatically reducing the time required to poll huge networks. The SNMP C++ class library is designed to make programming simpler hiding all the complexities and special conditions, such as:
  • sparse tables (the tables with some items missing)
  • inability of some agents to return a complete row in single request because of PDU size limitations
  • table row inconsistency when a table is rapidly changing
  • the necessity to code both get-next and get-bulk for optimal performance, etc.

Companion products

SSB comes with detailed documentation and carefully designed examples. The extensive programming guide illustrates all the aspects, features and pitfalls of using class library objects, methods and properties to achieve maximum performance, reliability and flexibility of the software being developed.

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