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RexxBOS, OS/2 Rexx library providing complete system interface.

The RexxBOS library gives Rexx programs ultimate control over the OS/2 control program, keyboard, mouse, and display devices previously available only to programs written in C, Pascal or Assembler. RexxBOS CGI functions make web server script development easier and faster. The library can be called from the OS/2 system interpreter, Rexx, and can empower the Visual Rexx products from Watcom, Hockware or IBM.

If at least one of the following statements is true, then RexxBOS will be beneficial to you.
  • CGI scripts should be developed in Rexx and concurrency problems should be resolved.
  • There is a need to develop an application or utility 5-10 times faster than it usually takes using C/C++.
  • It is hard to find good C/C++ programmers familiar with OS/2 internals or they are too expensive.
  • A new application will require an extensive maintenance.
  • A Visual Rexx application needs very fast disk I/O or requires advanced OS/2 features.
  • There is a need in custom systems utilities.
  • You need to get familiar with OS/2 features or learn OS/2 internals by examples and in a limited time.
  • The application needs to run on a remote system using telnet and there is a need to debug the application remotely.
  • The Rexx program needs to run in an OS/2 window and requires colors, pseudo graphics, non-displayed fields for password, and advanced mouse and keyboard control.
  • You need to schedule programs to run weekly, biweekly, etc. at specified time.
  • Client/server applications should be developed in Rexx and they need to utilize rich OS/2 multitasking and interprocess communications features.
  • Critical sections of Rexx code should be protected from user or OS/2 modal error message interruptions.
  • Installation programs need to be developed in limited time but should be comprehensive.

RexxBOS advantages:

  • Makes most of the OS/2 APIs and the parameters of each API available to you.
  • Provides extended support for CGI script implementation.
  • Is consistent and simple in naming conventions, parameters and return codes.
  • Has special features supporting use of Visual Rexx products.
  • Introduces a built-in scheduler and ASCII INI support.
  • Supports system utility development.
  • Provides an alternative character-based user interface for Telnet applications.
  • Has extremely fast disk I/O options (binary and text).
  • Enables Rexx to control mouse, keyboard and full screen input/output.
  • Has a comprehensive on-line reference and a large set of examples.

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