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SNMP MIB Compiler Class Library for C#, VB and Other Managed .Net Languages

For native (unmanaged) C++ class libary please refer to MIB Compiler Library for Native C++

The LogiSoft MIB compiler class library (LsMibCom) enables applications at run time to compile SMI v1 and v2 MIB files used by SNMP v1, v2 and v3 applications, save the MIB object attributes: object identifiers, names, types, table indices, columns, trap variables, etc to a disk file and subsequently load the file and access the MIB information at runtime in any SNMP Windows applications: managers, agents etc.

The LsMibCom software package includes:
  • MIB Compiler class libraries for 32 and 64-bit Visual Studio C# and VB .Net
  • Guide and Reference Manual and On-line Help
  • Examples
The MIB Compiler class library is an excellent companion to our Secure SNMP Builder for .Net, however, it can be used as well with other SNMP software without any limitations. The LogiSoft AR MIB Compiler is using the same classes. The information about MIB compiler illustrates convenient, versatile, fast and efficient interface that will allow to use the MIB compiler class library features easy and conveniently in any SNMP applications.

Additional MIB compiler class library information will be provided upon a request.

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