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SNMP Software Evaluations

The following product evaluations are available:
  • Secure SNMP Builder for Microsoft .NET
  • Secure SNMP Builder for Microsoft VC++ Visual Studio 2022, 2019, 2017

The 30-day evaluations available via e-mail request. The evaluation versions are fully functional. However, they will operate only for a limited period of time.

You can download the evaluation request utility from our web site ( or run SnmpEval.exe ). This evaluation utility generates an evaluation identifier enabling the evaluation copy only for the computer you are running it on.

Quick check list.

  1. Unzip Run SnmpEval.exe and fill out the form. The 30-day evaluation will work only on this computer.
  2. Push Send e-mail button and wait till e-mail client appears.
    NOTE: the correct message should contain EvalReq=XXXXXXX in the message body,
    If your e-mail client does not display the e-mail message correctly , just paste the text (that is already on clipboard) into e-mail message body using edit/paste of your e-mail client and mail it to
  3. Send the e-mail with the evaluation enabler information. We will e-mail you the installation files after we receive this information.


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