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Secure Reliable Peer-to-peer Message (SRPM) Native C++ Class Library

Secure Reliable Peer-to-peer Message (SRPM) C++ class library provides an easy-to-use flexible interface, reliable transport to deliver potentially very long (up to 4GB) encrypted messages between two peers.

Why would one need another protocol when there are well established network protocols?

Discrete message protocols usually lack reliable delivery and have small message size limitations. Stream-oriented protocols put the burden of discrete message delineation in the stream on the application developer. SRPM is free of these drawbacks and has a versatile C++ interface that favorably compares with either obsolete C interfaces or overly generic and complicated C++ interfaces.

Here are the SRPM features that make the library attractive to use in a variety of applications:
  • Very simple, flexible and versatile C++ class interface
  • Synchronous and asynchronous message transmission modes
  • Concurrent transmission of messages up to 4GB in size
  • Automatic priority for small messages
  • Very efficient reliable delivery of messages
  • Highly configurable network transport attributes
  • Built-in authentication and encryption using AES-128 or AES-256
  • Quick and transparent recovery from intermittent network problems
  • Built in denial-of-service attack protection

Typical applications of SRPM may include:
  • Memory/data structure replication across processes on a single computer or multiple computers that allow splitting an old application into two processes. In the new architecture produced by the split one background process produces a set of data structures that is serialized into a very long message and is sent to another process. The second process running on the same or a different computer replicates the same data structure from the received message presenting data to an end user in a graphic user interface
  • Secure file transfer
  • Secure chat
  • Client/server applications sending discrete messages concurrently

The following table compares the features of SRPM with common protocols available as commercial products:
Secure FTP
Discrete short message transmission YES - YES - -
Discrete very long message transmission YES - - - -
Discrete reliable message delivery YES - - - -
Built-in authentication and encryption YES - - - YES
Extreme resistance to intermittent network outages YES - - - -
Built-in denial of service attack protection YES - - - -
Automatic optimal transport configuration for local or Internet peer-to-peer communication YES - - - -

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