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SNMP Data Miner. Software as a Service.

Free 3 months version is available for selected customers.
LogiSoft SNMP Data Miner (LSDM) is a software suite that collects Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) information from all supported Management Information Base (MIB) modules implemented by hardware and or software. LSDM formats the information in a user-friendly way and presents scalar and tabular MIB attribute values along with MIB attribute description in easy and convenient format for users to analyze.

LSDM suite consists of three components:
  • Data Miner Window Service
  • Data Miner Configuration and Control
  • Data Miner Viewer
This architecture optimizes access to vast collection of MIB attributes on variety of software and hardware by multiple network analysts from different computers in a very secure and fast way over LAN or WAN:
  • SNMP agent load is minimized because only single Data Miner Window Service is collecting information while multiple users access it
  • Information is collected periodically all the time by the LSDM service but the Data Miner Viewer displays the information very quickly saving user's time
  • LSDM service retrieves information using SNMP v1, v2 or v3. While MIB information retrieved locally via SNMP v1 and v2 is not secure internally on the LAN it is protected by a firewall. This information is encrypted and is safely and securely transmitted over WAN to a LSDM viewer. This enables accessing older SNMP v1 and v2 devices and software in a secure fashion.
  • Complete MIB information is presented in a format that is easy to understand and analyze with a unique correlation between MIB attribute values and corresponding MIB variable descriptions.

LSDM vewers serve the ultimate LSDM goal: display MIB variable values in a comprehensible format combining values, SNMP types, object identifiers, natural table formats including index column values and MIB descriptions.

Having both values and MIB information displayed together allows more thoughtful comprehension of SNMP variables returned.

While conventional walking the MIB trees (polling all MIB attributes) usually takes substantial time and reduces productivity of network engineers, opening LSDM viewers are virtually instantaneous because information is transferred in a safe and efficient way from an LSDM service. This also reduces strain on the SNMP agents that often run on resource constrained hardware because the information is retrieved by LSDM service and multiple network engineers do not have to retrieve information in a redundant way from each device but are getting it from LSDM service.

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