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SNMP MIB Compiler

The MIB compiler has been significantly improved and became an integral part of the new Secure SNMP Builders for Visual Studio .NET. This powerful GUI application is able to compile SMIv1 and SMIv2 MIBs used by SNMPv3, v2c and v1 applications and generates SNMP Unmanaged C++ and SNMP Visual Basic and C# source code. The well thought out and convenient user interface turns a tedious task of determining sequence of MIB loading into a simple directory or MIB list automatic compilation process.

The MIB compiler has an intelligent multi pass MIB prioritization algorithm that automatically determines MIB dependency and compiles MIB in the proper order without any user assistance. Enhanced error handling and reporting makes the whole MIB compilation process easy and efficient. It's very flexible and allows to view and edit MIB files using the editor of your choice. These are only few of many flexible and convenient features the compiler has.

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